32nd International Conference on
Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases
30. May - 3. June 2022

Author's Instructions

The conference accepts paper in three paper categories:

  • SCIENTIFIC / TECHNICAL PAPER: You may submit your paper either as a full paper, (max. 20 pages), or as a short paper (preferred max. 12 pages). Presentation time in the conference is 30 minutes for full and 20 minutes for short papers.
  • POSITION PAPER: Research projects of any scale are invited to illustrate innovative concepts, theories, prototypes, or experiences. The position paper (work-in-progress) is preferred to be max 8 pages. The presentation time of position papers is 15 minutes. The papers may be improved, based on the discussion and comments (if any), to be published in the final journal print.

The page limits are recommendations, but not obligatory. If the paper exceeds the recommended size, please contact the editing committee (Chairman Hannu Jaakkola).

Important links related to the paper submission and management are:

Because the final print is published by IOS Press, we follow their instructions and format. The EJC Paper Portal is maintained by the Komazawa University (Professor Naofumi Yoshifda).

The papers must be formatted according to the formatting instructions. Please use only "English fonts" (ANSI/ASCII or UTF-3) in your paper, and embed all the fonts you used (if neccessary). No extra hidden codes, nor any other features that are specific to a special computer (or language) environment should be included in any form. Otherwise reviewers may not be able to open and read your paper. Once a submitted paper is found to be unreadable, the reviewing process may be stopped automatically without asking the second submission.

Important dates (new):

  • Submission deadline: January 17th, 2022
    January 31st, 2022
  • Acceptance letters: April 11st, 2022
  • Final paper for preprint: May 10th, 2022
  • Registration deadline:
    May 23rd, 2022
  • Final paper for IOS Journal print: September 2022

Local arrangements:

HAW Hamburg, Germany

Contact person:

Prof. Marina Tropmann-Frick

Submission procedure covers four steps

1. Registration of the paper: Paper registration is made in our Paper Portal using its "Abstract Submission Interface". In the registration phase

  • the author(s) give required contact and paper information, including the paper abstract;
  • as a response an unique paper code and a password for further communication is given by the system.

The paper code and password are sent by email to the author; please keep this information so that you will find it later. Because of that, check carefully the validity of the email address given to the system. Please, do your paper registration only once to avoid confusion in the paper management.

2. Submission of a paper for review: Prepare your paper using Word or TeX according to the formatting instructions (link above).

  • Produce PDF-file of your paper and submit it for review to the EJC Paper Portal. The file name of your paper must be Pnnn, in which nnn is your paper number in three digit format - e.g. paper number 934 is submitted as a file P934.pdf.
  • Login to the EJC Paper Portal and use the "Paper Submission Interface". In login please use your paper code and password given by the system in paper registration phase.
Upload your paper to the system according to the guidelines given by the portal. The paper may be re-uploaded - the latest upload is valid.

3. Submission the "conference version" of the paper: The authors are expected to improve the paper according to the comments of the reviewers. The final "conference version" of the paper will be submitted to the EJC Paper Portal. Prepare a zip-package including the following items:

  • Word: (1) main source file and (2) pdf-file of the paper; the file names inside the zip package are derived from the paper number in three digit format (as above).
  • TeX: (1) a directory including TeX source and style files, and (2) a pdf- file of the paper; the directory including TeX files has name Pnnn-texfiles and the pdf-file has name Pnnn.pdf, in which nnn is paper number in three digit.
  • The file name of the zip package follows the same naming convention - in the case of paper 934 the zip file is P934.zip.
Login to the EJC Paper Portal by using the "Paper Submission Interface". In login, please use your paper code and password given by the system in paper registration. Upload your paper to the system according to the guidelines given in the EJC Paper Portal. The zip-package may be re-uploaded - the latest upload is valid.

4. Submission of the final paper (for the IOS journal print after the conference): The paper presented in the conference will be published after the conference in the final journal print. The papers must be improved according to the comments and discussion in the conference. Submission procedure of the final version of the paper is the same as in the Step 3.

The Editing Committee has right to withdraw any paper from the final journal print, if the proposed improvements are not implemented or if the paper is not technically prepared according to the formatting rules. The program committee has also right to withdraw the paper that is not uploaded to the paper management system for final editing inside the given time frame or if the paper does not follow the editing style nominated.


Local arrangements

Prof. Dr. Marina Tropmann-Frick
Professor for Data Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 428758418
E-Mail: Marina.Tropmann-Frick [at] haw-hamburg.de

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